Ever since the 1770’s people have been calling for a revision of the King James Bible because it is too old, and no one can understand it. According to Margaret Hills (The English Bible in America. 1961 published by the American Bible Society), there have been over 1200 new English Bibles published between 1777 and 1961. Many of these Bible claimed to be a “revision” of the KJB. This claim has been made falsely many, many times. Today a number of Christian leaders and teachers are again saying that the time has come for a real genuine revision. Some of them, no doubt, are genuine and really believe something could be accomplished for the cause of Christ. Some are just trying to escape the concept of an authoritative Bible! I oppose the suggestion of a new KJB revision for several reasons.

Reason One: There have been so many phony claims of being a KJB revision that any such claim is met with overwhelming suspicion today. This is not the time for any such project. It would not be taken seriously.

Reason Two: There have been a few previous such projects that were genuine attempts at revision like the King James ll. They have all failed dramatically. There was simply no market for them. They simply did not sell. The liberal crowd did not want anything similar to the KJB and most Bible believers were not looking for anything new. Their KJB was precious to them, they understood it well and Biblical language was precious to them in their daily devotions. The few loud voices calling for a revision were not enough to make a revision successful. There is not a legitimate demand.

Reason Three: Evangelicalism. fundamentalism, and the independent Baptist movement are all splintered, fractured, and politicized beyond recognition. Any genuine revision would immediately be rejected by the vast majority before it was even looked at. The atmosphere does not exist today to produce a common Bible.

Reason Four: I do not believe that the qualified people exist today to undertake such a bold project. Our era has valued genuine scholarship very lightly. We have too many self-proclaimed scholars and experts. We do not have a group of people with similar qualifications to those of the King James translators. No one is entitled to designate themselves as a scholar.

Reason Five: I do not believe that the complaints about the King James Bible are legitimate. Some loudly complain that you cannot present the gospel out of the KJB because lost people cannot understand it. Meanwhile, thousands of churches around the English-speaking world are leading people to Christ using a King James Bible every week. Loud voices say that Christians cannot grow in the faith using a KJB because they cannot understand it. Meanwhile, every morning millions of people in the English-speaking world are beginning their days with devotions in the King James Bible. It’s clear doctrines, Biblical English, and beautiful phraseology are dear and precious to them.

Reason Six: Having a Bible that is easy to understand is not a godly goal. We are never encouraged to such an idea in the Scripture. Spiritual growth comes from diligent 6 study. We need an accurate Bible not an easy one. That is why we have preachers and teachers. The cry that everything must be easy is the cry of our day, but it is the opposite of spiritual growth. Much of the Bible is “meat” and requires diligent study. We must have a Bible that is the words that God gave accurately translated into English. Growing believers must be willing to study and learn if they wish to grow. Everyday millions of people in the English-speaking world prove that that can be done with the King James Bible.

Reason Seven: As always, most of the people calling for a revision do not really want one. They want an atmosphere that is not bound by one Bible that is the sole authority. They want a flexible authority. They want human authority to be the final authority. In summary bus kids do not have trouble with the King James Bible, seminary professors sometimes do.

(Adopted Unanimously May 23, 2024, at the Annual Business Meeting)