The King James Bible Research Council Annual Meeting is the central event of the Council’s year. Many of the KJBRC Members will come to the Maranatha Baptist Church in Matoon Illinois on October 30 and 31 to preach and teach on many important topics regarding the use and defense of the King James Bible and Traditional text around the World.

Admission is free and we encourage you to bring other pastors, leaders, and others interested in knowing about the King James Bible, the underlying texts, and other important subjects related to our English Bible.

All sessions are free of charge and will be live streamed on Facebook and right here at

Monday Schedule:

2 pm: My Two Cents on the Version Issue – Pastor Mark Reno, The Conversion Center

2:45 pm: They Understood – Dr. Gary Mann, Evangelist

3:30 pm: What Does it Mean when Someone is not King James Only? – Dr. Steve Zeinner, Bearing Precious Seed

6:30 pm: A First Measure of the National Bible Museum – Dr. Douglas Levesque, Bible Nation Society

7:30 pm: Wescott and Hort and their Occult Connections – Dr. Phil Stringer, KJBRC Vice President

Tuesday Schedule:

8:30 am: Why Deaf People Understand the KJB Better than other Bibles – Dr. Michael Bader, Missionary

9:15 am: Continuing to Expound the Case for KJV Inerrancy – Dr. Lawrence Bednar

10 am: Creating a KJV Culture in the Local Church – Pastor Jason Georges, Immanuel Baptist Church, Corunna, MI

11 am: Are We Unreasonable? – Pastor Jared Longsine, First Baptist Church, Oak Creek, WI

1:30 pm: Keeping the IRS Out of Your Ministry – Dr. Douglas Kossel

2:30 pm: One Bible, One Author – Dr. Lance Ketchum, Shepherds Fold Baptist Church

3:30 pm: The MEV: The Newest Effort to Replace the KJV – Dr. Dan Haifley, Maranatha Baptist Church

6:30 pm: Neither Oldest nor Best – Dr. David Sorenson, Northstar Baptist Church, Duluth, MN

7:30 pm: 500th Anniversary of the Reformation – Dr. David Brown, KJBRC President