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Join us for the King James Bible Research Council’s 2024 National Conference! This will be an incredible event celebrating God’s preserved Word in the English language. There will be two days of lectures by experts from the council and beyond as well the Biblical Heritage Museum which will be on display. We strongly encourage you to make your plans to attend!
2pm – General Session Jason Georges “The Prevailing Word: A Vision for KJV Advocates”
3pm – Split Session Josh Levesque – “One More Exact Translation: Examining Translators Purposes and Perspectives.” Steve Combs – “Biblical Principles and The Version Issue”
4pm – General Session Manny Rodriquez – “Why The King James Bible Is Irreplaceable”
5-7pm Dinner Area Restaurants
7pm – General Session David Daniels – “The Big Picture: Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & The End Times Bible”
8pm  – General Session Dr. David L Brown 
Friday, May 24 
10am – General Session Jared Longsine – “A Better Translation Would Be…”
11am – Split Session David Daniels Mark Reno – “So You Want To Update The King James Bible?”
12-2 – Lunch Break  Lunch Provided – Truth Prevaileth Trailer
2pm – General  Session Dan Haifley – “What The ESV Generation Will Lose”
3pm – Split Session Steve Damron Steve Zeinner – “The Confusion of Balam and Our Modern Translations Around The World”
4pm – General Session Doug Levesque
5-7pm Dinner Area Restaurants
7pm – General Session Dr. David Sorenson 
8pm – General Session Dr. Phil Stringer “Why Some People Have So Much Trouble with The King James Bible”

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