CBGM: Sowing Doubt with a Technological Flare

CBGM stands for Coherence-Based Genealogical Method. So now you are thinking, “Great, and what does that mean”? CBGM is a relatively new approach to textual criticism using a computer program in order to determine the validity of a reading (somewhere between 1997 and 2000). By “reading”, we are referring to anything from a single word of Scripture to a phrase, or even a more substantial section of the Scriptures. In this method, the computer becomes a tool in determining which readings are "most likely authentic”. Having said that, it should be noted that it still requires much interaction from the users. [...]

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My Approach to the Bible

“The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.” - Psalm 12:6-7 There are many approaches to the ever important versions issue. There is the “Faith Approach” which I actively endorse and promote. There is the “Scientific Approach” which I believe is dangerous to our doctrine of verbal inspiration. Then there is the “Extreme Approach” which is a monkey wrench in this critical debate. I will attempt to summarize each approach for the purpose of both [...]

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More Proof The Traditional Text Is of Apostolic Origin

Compiled by Dr. David L. Brown Higher Criticism of the Bible is a frontal assault upon God’s Words! Ever since this diabolical theory of dealing with God’s Word(s) was introduced in Germany in the 18th century, the Traditional Text of the Bible, which underlies our King James Bible, has been under attack. Higher criticism treats the Bible as a text created by men. Their presupposition is that the Bible is a conglomeration of works by unknown authors and editors which was assembled and modified at the authors desired. They assert that the Bible has not been carefully preserved and therefore [...]

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A History of the King James Bible

Introduction For nearly 2000 years the Bible has remained the most controversial and contested book of all times. While we, in our modern world, take for granted the abundance of Bibles and Bible translations, there was a time when men or women who dared to handle, possess, yes, even read, this sacred Book that, if they were found out, it would cost them there very life. Since the crucifixion of Christ, for whom the Gospel record was set forth, it can be said that the Bible has become the most blood stained book in all of history. Men have fought for it; been [...]

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The Use of Italics in the King James Bible

by Dr. David L. Brown     Why did the King James Bible translators use italics in the King James Bible? Was it because God miraculously gave the translators additional inspiration the same way He did as recorded in 2 Peter 1:21, “holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost”? Or is it, as some have assumed, that these words were printed in this fashion for emphasis? The answer to both of these questions is, NO. In fact, the words in italics in the King James Bible are words that were added by the translators to help the reader. This is usually [...]

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The King James Only Baptist Civil War over Inspiration

     Actually, I don’t like the term “King James Only.” It is a name given to us by our critics. I want everyone, in every language, to have the pure Word of God in their own tongue. But in this case, I use the term so that it is clear who I am talking about.      A civil war rages among independent Baptists about the “inspiration” of translations. I am not talking about the debate over which text of Scripture to use. Prominent preachers who preach the King James Bible and who defend it against its critics, are vigorously debating [...]

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On Inspiration, Preservation and The King James Bible

“πασαγραφηθεοπνευστος” (Compiled and Edited by Dr. David L. Brown from materials by Drs. David Sorenson, Phil Stringer, H. D. Williams, Larry Bednar and myself)  There are many definitions of inspiration when it is used in the context of the Bible. In fact, Charles Ryrie lists eight in his book, A Survey of Biblical Doctrine - Natural Inspiration, Mystical Inspiration, Concept Inspiration, Partial Inspiration, the Neo-orthodox view of Inspiration, the Inspired Purpose view, etc. Then, Dr. Phil Stringer notes in his article The King James Only Baptist Civil War Over Inspiration - “there seem to be three prominent positions among those who use the term ‘inspired’ to [...]

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What Inspiration is Not!

Psalm 119:160 “Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth forever.” Introduction The key battleground today in Christianity focuses on The Nature of the Bible and the meaning of the word INSPIRATION and the associated word PRESERVATION as applied to the Bible. At one end of the spectrum is an influential “Critical Text” group of theologians who claim that the original text of the Bible have been so corrupted and manipulated that it is are lost. Therefore, they are seeking to “restore” the text so it is closer to the original, yet they [...]

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The Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical Books

by Dr. David L. Brown In the fall 2001 I received an American Bible Society catalog and to my surprise, there I saw Bible after Bible that contained the Apocrypha. Many non-Catholic Bible are now being published that contain the Apocrypha. What Is The Apocrypha? The word Apocrypha was coined by the 5th-century Catholic Bible scholar Sophronius Eusebius Hieronymus, better known as Jerome, for the books received by the Roman Catholic Church of his time that were a part of the Greek version of the Old Testament, yet, were not included in the Hebrew Bible. The actual word apocrypha is derived from the Greek [...]

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Why Use the King James Bible?

Introduction The battle over Bible versions rages on. However, I have settled that issue in my mind, based on the facts, many years ago. But, I know there are may people in the pews of our churches who still struggle with the Bible Version issue. I regularly get phone calls from people who have heard that I stand for the Received Text and the King James Bible. They ask me, “Why do you advocate the use of the King James Bible?” and/or “Isn’t this version or that version a good version?”In a clear, concise and uncomplicated way, I want to [...]

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